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SPORTS are big business these days and a partial or full scholarship can really help offset expenses. In the competitive world of college and professional sports you have to take advantage of every opportunity available. If you have a son or daughter competing for an athletic scholarship help give them an edge with a sports scholarship video. Your sports scholarship video puts your student athlete in front of the right people.

Keep in mind, you have options for this video. The video can “Spotlight” one individual or “Spotlight” a group of people who you have in mind to present for a special occasion or simply just because.

HOW DO I GET STARTED? It’s simple, start by gathering all those sports video tapes from the past few years and bring them to us. We will produce a 5 to 15 minute highlight video designed to create interest and excitement about your athlete in coaches and athletic directors’ minds. For a touch of professionalism you should have us video tape your athlete playing his or her sport.

Step 1: Collect all your sports videos through the years.
Step 2: Decide on what highlights them as an all star for the video.
Step 3: Choose your timeline - how the materials will be organized in your video.
Step 4: Gather your contact information. (Phone #, Cell #, Address, E-mail, etc.)
Step 5: Call us to schedule an appointment.

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